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How to use full text search and the match keyword to find a string in every table in a MySQL database.

Search MySQL Like Google Using Match and Full-Text Search

What is a Full-Text Search in MySQL?

When solving a problem that requires you to link a user’s session data to their actual user object, Postgres comes in handy.

Decoding Django Sessions in PostgreSQL

Database Security Checklist  for Small Teams
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledging Risk
  • Understanding the principal of low hanging fruit
  • Creating a security policy
  • Server Security
  • Email attackers
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Data Sanitizing
  • Request Throttling
  • Physical Security to Augment Digital Steps
  • Self Reflection


A Guide to Transparent Data Encryption in PostgreSQL


Nostalgia: What Happened to MyISAM?



Unused Indexes in MySQL: A Basic Guide


What are Indexes and When Should We Use Them?

Slow Query Basics: Why Are Queries Slow?


What is a Query?

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash


What Are JOINS in MySQL?

Build Pivot Tables in MySQL Using User Variables


The modern SQL editor built for collaboration

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