How to use full text search and the match keyword to find a string in every table in a MySQL database.

Search MySQL Like Google Using Match and Full-Text Search
Search MySQL Like Google Using Match and Full-Text Search

What is Full-Text Search in MySQL?
How does the Full-Text Search in MySQL work?
LIKE vs Full-Text Search operators in MySQL
Advantages and disadvantages of Full Text Search and LIKE operator in MySQL
Full-text Search Restrictions
Example of Using the Full-text Search in MySQL

You can have Google-like superpowers to find words and phrases across your entire database. Search engines use Full-Text Search to find results in databases. These databases often contain a lot of textual data. For example, news websites contain lots of news articles and may want to find a specific phrase. …

When solving a problem that requires you to link a user’s session data to their actual user object, Postgres comes in handy.

Decoding Django Sessions in PostgreSQL
Decoding Django Sessions in PostgreSQL

Sessions are an important part of any HTTP-based web framework. They allow web servers to keep track of the identities of repeat HTTP clients without requiring them to re-authenticate for each request. There are several different ways to keep track of sessions. Some do not require the server to persist session data (like JSON Web Tokens), while others do.

Django, a popular Python-based web framework, ships with a default session backend that does store persistent session data. There are several storage and caching options; you can elect to simply store sessions in the SQL database and look them up each…

Database Security Checklist  for Small Teams
Database Security Checklist  for Small Teams

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Acknowledging Risk
  • Understanding the principal of low hanging fruit
  • Creating a security policy
  • Server Security
  • Email attackers
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Data Sanitizing
  • Request Throttling
  • Physical Security to Augment Digital Steps
  • Self Reflection

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Hi, my name is Kirk. I’m a full stack software developer working on the .NET ecosystem and managing a large SQL Server database. I wrote this post to try to answer some of my own questions about what modern database security in 2021 looks like, especially if you’re in the tech field and looking into creating or supporting your…

MySQL introduced Window functions in their release of MySQL version 8.0. to target groups of rows without collapsing them. In this article, we will explore example implementations of the most versatile window functions MySQL has to offer.

Use MySQL Window Functions to Get More out of Your Data
Use MySQL Window Functions to Get More out of Your Data

Window Functions in MySQL

Window functions are an advanced feature offered by MySQL to improve the execution performance of queries. These functions act on a group of rows related to the targeted row called window frame. Unlike a GROUP BY clause, Window functions do not collapse the rows to a single row — preserving the details of each row instead. …

Once developers find themselves in the MySQL world, they will almost certainly hear some advice on how they should go about designing database schemas in MySQL. This blog post will provide insight into what you should consider when dealing with database schemas in MySQL.


Designing a MySQL database schema is an inevitable part of the career of every MySQL database administrator or even a developer. Developers and MySQL database administrators usually turn to the schema design side of MySQL to improve query performance, normalize their databases, add or drop certain indexes, modify columns, also for other things.

Generally, what one…

Why Monitor PostgreSQL Database Health?

Just like monitoring our applications, it is very much necessary to monitor our database system. We want to monitor things substantially more granular than system-level processes — things such as:

  • How many queries actually make use of the index?
  • How effective is the database cache?
  • The number of open connections.

And so on.

Hardware metrics are essential, but can only get us so far, and will not help us make concrete decisions — like which queries to optimize and how we are using our database in general. Since PostgreSQL is an open-source database, it offers a lot of insights for…

As developers, we are aware of various best practices for SQL query optimization. While a few of these are specific to individual relational database management systems (RDBMSs), most can apply to virtually any database.

This article will explain why optimization is so important as we explore some of the best ways to quickly optimize your SQL queries for minimum impact on database performance through:

  • Efficient indexing,
  • SELECT and SELECT DISTINCT statement refinement,
  • Strategic use of wildcards and conditionals, and
  • Query cost analysis using EXPLAIN

Introduction to SQL Query and Data Management

Standard Query Language, or SQL for short, allows users access to databases using specific commands or…

The late 2000s saw a new type of database emerge to address a rapidly increasing number of opportunities and problems related to storing vast amounts of data.

These non-relational databases were grouped under the term NoSQL and offer flexible schemas, better scaling, and fast queries but do not support ACID transactions.

It did not take long for someone to come up with a proposed fix, and in 2011 a 451 Group analyst named Matthew Aslett coined the term ‘NewSQL.’ A new type of relational database was born to provide the scalability of NoSQL while maintaining the traditional ACID guarantees.


Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Chances are when you hear “0.77 cents on the dollar,” an increasingly contentious subject — the gender pay gap — comes to mind. Today, we will explore a US Bureau of Labor Statistics dataset containing information about America’s workforce (as of Jan. 2015) to answer the following questions:

  • Which industries are most and least affected?
  • Is the gender wage gap the same across all industries?
  • How much does an average American salary vary by gender?

To answer these questions, we’ll be importing the dataset mentioned above (available on Kaggle) into an Arctype SQLite database, where we’ll use queries and dashboards…

If you’re a MySQL DBA or a developer that deals with MySQL instances daily, it will probably not come as a surprise if you hear that you should not run big data sets on MySQL. Ask almost any MySQL DBA, and you will hear something like:

● “MySQL is not a fit!”

● “Have you looked into NoSQL?”

● “Use MongoDB”

Some of these responses indeed have merit — for example, NoSQL-based database management systems such as MongoDB can certainly be useful when dealing with big data sets. However, contrary to popular belief, MySQL shouldn’t be so quickly ruled out…


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